Faith Work and Christian Discipleship

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Articles and Papers to download
  • International Workers Memorial Day Dave law offers a reflection on being safe and loving our neighbours

  • TUC at 150 As the Trades Union Congress met in September 2018 in its 150th anniversary year, ICF chair Phil Jump reflected on his days as a Christian and Trade Union activist,

  • Thought for the Day Revd. Dr Michael Banner's Radio 4 Thought for the Day from May 2017 - reflecting on the nature and purpose of work

  • Should Christians Strike? ICF Chair, Revd Phil Jump weighs up the issues for Christians considering Industrial Action - (Originally published September 2011 - revised 2016)

  • God, Mammon and Bankers Written early in 2012 when the Libor controversy and other scandals were hitting the banking sector

  • What would Jesus do Reflecting on the anti-capitalist protest camp at St Pauls Catherdral

  • Finding God or fearing the future An article and reflection originally written by North West Baptist Regional Minister, Revd Phil Jump, at the time of party conferences in Liverpool and Manchester

  • 911 Remembered An article and reflection originally written for the 10th Anniversary of the bombing of the World Trade Centre

  • Summer Riots 2011 An article first posted by Revd Phil Jump in August 2011 reflecting on civil disorder and the way in which communties came together in the aftermath.

  • Setting Free the Truth An arcticle and reflection written in July 2011 after then announced closure of the News of the World newspaper in the wake of serious corruption exposures.

  • Archbishop reflects on Coalition An article produced in response to ICF President's remarks in the New Statesman in June 2011

  • Royal Wedding reflection Looking back at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton in May 2011. This article explores how key Christian themes remain at the heart of the civic life of our nation.

  • Pembroke Refinery Accident A brief reflection and prayer produced in the aftermath of the Pemroke Refinery explosion in May 2011.

  • Roll on the weekend The lead article which originally appeared in ICF newsletter September 2008, exploring the negative attitudes to work which prevail in our society, and asking how this has impacted the thinking of the Church.

  • 21st Century Prophets Originally published in ICF news May 2010, outlining the emerging vision of ICF to release the message of working Christians.

  • Being Human Originally published in ICF newsletter, January 2010; reflecting on the dangers of de-humanising people at work

  • Just War General Sir Hugh Beach, GBE, KCB, MC reflects on the values by which we judge war, at a time when Britain is involved in several conflicts

  • Should Business Schools teach Christianity? Originally published in ICF news May 2010, reporting on a speech by David Muskett of Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • Protest and Prophecy Published in the Baptist Times, March 2011; Phil Jump reflects on Liverpool City Council's withdrawral as a Big Society pilot, and the challenges faced as the Church seeks to respond to Government Spending cuts.

  • Ideal Conditions by Moira Biggins Article originally written by ICF member Moira Biggins for newsletter January 2007. Challenges the common idea that the "ideal" for Christians is to be in a place of peace and ease, arguing that being in a difficult situation can have greater Gospel purpose.

  • The End of Work Phil Jump reports on the ICF Annual Lecture 2006 “The Happiness Hypothesis by Canon. Dr. John Atherton (From Newsletter Dec 2006)

  • Mission Shaped economy Reflections on contemporary mission by Terry Drummond.

  • The times they are a changing Reflections on Industrial Mission by Terry Drummond.

  • “The whole world’s a stage” Phil Jump reflects on faith and the world of the arts

  • "Your life in the balance" Paul Pearce reflects on work-life balance

  • Address given by Michael Fass at St Margaret’s Church, Westminster Abbey at a service on the eve of the National Prayer Breakfast 2004

  • Living the Christian Faith in an age of extremes. Believing – Belonging – Sharing Paper presented at: ‘Perspectives of Christianity in Europe in the 21st Century' International Ecumenical Conference at Vsetin, Czech Republic 23 -26 September 2004 by Terry Drummond

  • Various Articles on Governance by Michael Fass

  • Swap Shepherds for Accountants ICF Press Release - December 2003

  • When did you last pray for your stockbroker ICF Press Release 26 September 2003

  • Lay discipleship myth or reality? Sermon preached by Terry Drummond at the Lunchtime Eucharist at St Martin in the Fields on 21 November 2001 and afterwards the basis for discussion at the Industrial Christian Fellowship AGM

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