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ICF is delighted to announce our emerging partnership with Community Trade Union. Community is committed to working with its members to improve the world of work, helping to shape our society to be fair, equal and just. These are objectives that resonate with the longstanding vision of ICF and it seems natural to explore how we can work together to accomplish them.

Community includes a faithworkers branch, where those who are employed within churches and other faith contexts can find support and connection with others who work in that sphere. You can find out more through this link. Its membership extends across many other employment sectors, in which people of faith will inevitabely be engaged. By working with and alongside Community, ICF can extend its defining purpose of supporting Christians in every aspect of their working lives, as they seek to live as whole-life disciples.

Read further comment from ICF Chair, Revd. Phil Jump.

Click on the frame above to watch Phil Jump's presentation to Community