ICF - Prayer Focus

Those who work with animals


Livestock farmers operating in open or battery conditions. Llivestock transporters and slaughterers. Specialist breeders, employees of animal welfare societies, veterinary surgeons and staff. Staff of kennels, catteries, stables and aviaries, bee keepers, pet shop owners; zoo and wildlife park owners and workers; fishermen; all using animal life for medical and other research; zoologists, ornithologists, ichthyologists, gamekeepers, wardens of nature reserves and staff of city farms.

Caring God, when You called Yourself Good Shepherd, You reminded us that those who tend the creatures of your making have much to teach us about watching over one another; you commended to us a model of leadership that stands against those who would seek to control and lord over others; and gave dignity to a profession that many chose to despise. Caring for animals so often requires that we follow the course and processes of nature, and so remind us that we are not controllers of our own destiny but live under Your Sovereignty. So we pray for those who care for animals; in our world of convenience food, may we not forget the processes by which it Is made available and whether animals are raised for our sustenance or our pleasure, may those who care for them act responsibly, remembering that theirs is the task of caring for part of your creation. AMEN

Regular prayer for the world of work can be a significant feature in Sunday services. ICF seeks to provide a variety of resources to help those who prepare these. Prayer of this nature is important because:

  • It encourages Christians to see their working lives as part of their Christian Identity

  • It helps those involved in the world of work, particularly when their job makes it difficult to participate in church activities, to feel affirmed and valued.

  • It is a vital part of our intercessory responsibility to the community around us.

  • It communicates a faith that is relevant to real issues to those who visit our churches

Each week, we highhlight different groups of workers and encourage our members and followers to particularly pray for people who work in that sector. We also encourage local churches to include regular prayers for the world of work

As you pray, Consider what might be said in the context of thanksgiving, confession and intercession, both for the workers concerned and for those present.