ICF - Prayer Focus

People who develop and maintain computers and information technology


Software designers, web-site designers, systems analysts, computer hardware manufacturers, keyboard operators, computer-aided designers and mapmakers, information technology teachers, staff of the Data Protection Registry, computer engineers, chip manufacturers, computer peripheral designers and suppliers, data analysts, designers of computer models for strategic planning, computer virus eradicators, data processing managers and staff.

All knowing God The things that we can do today would have been called miracles just a century ago. At the press of a button we can manipulate computers on the other side of the world; see images and send messages over thousands of miles, perform intricate tasks and process immeasurable amounts of information. And yet our technology also reveals to us that for all of our advances, we are still fallen beings. For the same resources that open gateways of communication and knowledge, have become the portals through which children are exploited, perversion is fuelled, disorder is mobilised and weapons are guided. And so we pray for those who work in technology, we thank you for them and for all the possibilities that their expertise has provided for us. As the horizons of possibility seem to be every stretched, help us to use wisely the abilities it provides, and may we never forget that there is nothing on this earth to discover that you have not placed there. In a world where technology takes an increasingly central place, may we never lose sight of our need for You. In the name of Christ we pray. AMEN

Regular prayer for the world of work can be a significant feature in Sunday services. ICF seeks to provide a variety of resources to help those who prepare these. Prayer of this nature is important because:

  • It encourages Christians to see their working lives as part of their Christian Identity

  • It helps those involved in the world of work, particularly when their job makes it difficult to participate in church activities, to feel affirmed and valued.

  • It is a vital part of our intercessory responsibility to the community around us.

  • It communicates a faith that is relevant to real issues to those who visit our churches

Each week, we highhlight different groups of workers and encourage our members and followers to particularly pray for people who work in that sector. We also encourage local churches to include regular prayers for the world of work

As you pray, Consider what might be said in the context of thanksgiving, confession and intercession, both for the workers concerned and for those present.