ICF - Prayer Focus

Those who work in the field of research and knowledge


Philosophers, inventors, medical researchers, biologists, physicists, analytical and research chemists; explorers, astronomers and those involved in the exploration of space; developers of alternative energy sources, research assistants, forensic scientists, private detectives, fraud investigators, pure researchers, mathematicians, theorists, abstract thinkers, theosophists and all enquirers after truth.

All knowing and all seeing God, it seems part of being human that we constantly strive to explore new horizons and discover more of the universe of which we are a part. But in this world of microchip and nano-second, genetic modification and planetary exploration may we never forget that our foremost calling is to know the God who created us. The scientist scrutinizes the minute components of the atom only to discover what you have placed there to be found; the archaeologist unearths the remotest traces of a distant age in which you were present and watching over the affairs of mankind; the space-probe relays the shadowy image of a distant galaxy that you hold together; we slowly unravel the most complex DNA code which is a simple response to your once-spoken command that it should be. Lord God we thank you for those whose commitment to extend the boundaries of our knowledge has opened up so many possibilities and opportunities to us, but in this world where knowledge counts for so much, may we always treasure and be ready to share the ultimate joy of knowing you. AMEN

Regular prayer for the world of work can be a significant feature in Sunday services. ICF seeks to provide a variety of resources to help those who prepare these. Prayer of this nature is important because:

  • It encourages Christians to see their working lives as part of their Christian Identity

  • It helps those involved in the world of work, particularly when their job makes it difficult to participate in church activities, to feel affirmed and valued.

  • It is a vital part of our intercessory responsibility to the community around us.

  • It communicates a faith that is relevant to real issues to those who visit our churches

Each week, we highhlight different groups of workers and encourage our members and followers to particularly pray for people who work in that sector. We also encourage local churches to include regular prayers for the world of work

As you pray, Consider what might be said in the context of thanksgiving, confession and intercession, both for the workers concerned and for those present.