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Faith and work remains a key issue for Christians who are serious about living out their faith in a 21st Century world. Industrial Christian Fellowship has a long history of supporting Christians in the workplace and developing resources that help churches relate to the world of work.

We are an ecumenical, membership-based organisation that can offer advice and support to individual Christians and businesses.
Covid-19 - Praying for the World at Work
In these unprecedented times, we are ammending our scheduled prayer focus to reflect the realities that all are facing. As we continue to pray for all of our keyworkers, this week's focus invites us to particularly pray for those who work in the media. We have come to recognise in recent weeks the importance and power of the narratives that emerge, and the public's response to them.

For many people in the UK, recent developments have made the very act of going to work a potentially hazardous and worrying one. Difficult decisions about when and where to work, how to work safely, coupled with concerns about the consequences of not working will be playing on the minds of many. This is a reality we are facing during what has been designated Mental Health Awareness Week. As we recognise the concerns that particularly emerge from current circumstances, we might pray for everyone who finds work, and engagement with the world of work a stressful and anxious experience.

ALL SEEING AND ALL KNOWING GOD, we live in a world where news and information surrounds us at every turn; at times it can offer clarity and assurance - at others it can generate stress and anxiety. We pray for all those involved in the world of media, as they seek to inform and entertain. Help us to remember that the narratives they share, reflect the same realities and threats that they are faced with overcoming.

Help us O God to share and receive information responsibly, that we may seek truth and not simply sensation. And where information bombards us on every side - help us to listen to ourselves and one another, that while we do not ignore the realities that prevail, we might cultivate in their midst, narratives of hope and wellbeing. Through Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN
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