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ICF at Salt Sunday 2019

ICF was once again delighted to be a partner in Salt of the Earth's annual Salt Sunday Celebration at the Lion Saltworks Museum near Northwich Cheshire. This event, held this year on May 19th, brings together the Christian community, local historians and local businesses to celebrate the industrial heritage of Cheshire which is founded on the salt deposits beneath the Cheshire Plains.

Hosted by Rt Revd Keith Sinclair, Bishop of Birkenhead, keynote speakers included Fiona Bruce MP in a mix of seminars, fun with science and worship activties. Fiona Bruce spoke of how prayer has sustained her through recent difficult days as a serving member of parliament and the deep sense of privilege she felt to be serving in public office.

Cheshire's Chemical industry has grown out of the deep underground salt deposits across the county, and the Bishop spoke of these as a gift from our creator God for which we should give thanks. The event was originally inspired by the ancient ceremony of 'blesssing the brine' when communities would gather to give thanks for the salt that provided their livelehood.

ICF Chair, Rev Phil Jump is a member of the Salt of the Earth Steering group which overees the event. Salt of the Earth has been supported by ICF since its inception as a network that seeks to bring together the faith and business communities for the well-being of the county.

picture of icf stand

people watching bishop

bishop of birkenehad speaking

people in front of play area

picture of icf stand