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Faith and work remains a key issue for Christians who are serious about living out their faith in a 21st Century world. Industrial Christian Fellowship has a long history of supporting Christians in the workplace and developing resources that help churches relate to the world of work.

We are an ecumenical, membership-based organisation that can offer advice and support to individual Christians and businesses.
This week's prayer Focus
Those who work in transport and logistics
Oh God who is present in every place, when the road is congested, the train is delayed and the airwaves are full of concerns about carbon emissions, it is easy to criticise and become impatient with those who provide and maintain our transport networks. As the HGV lumbers its way through our streets, we too quickly forget that its presence has been summoned by our consumer desires. Our supermarket shelves are stacked high, because people have worked hard to bring us produce from across the globe. The samples will be there in the morning, because someone is willing to drive through the night. We pour in excitement over the holiday brochure, because there are those who have scheduled the flights and shuttles to get us to our dream destinations. Lord God, we have made this vast planet so much smaller with our high speed link, next-day delivery, inter-city, jet-setting, trans-continental way of life. But in it all, may we not lose sight of the Saviour who chose to ride on the back of a donkey. Help us to use transport responsibly, as stewards of your creation; to distribute the world’s resources in a just way, and not simply as a means of enabling the wealthy to consume the produce of the poor. Be with all those who make transport possible, and particularly we pray for the safety of those whose working lives expose them to the hazards of high speed travel. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. AMEN
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