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Faith in Business Quarterly

Faith in Business Quarterly is the regular journal of Industrial Christian Fellowship and Faith in Business ( It offers a range of articles, features and reviews that seek to help readers discover a fuller sense of God's purpose in their working lives.

You can find out more about FIBQ, how to become a regular subscriber or purchase individual articles by visiting the Faith in Business website. ICF Chair, Phil Jump is a regular contributor - you can download his recent articles in the panel below.
Articles to download

The Archbishop and the TUC Reflecting on the Archbishop's Speech to the Trades Union Congress in Autumn 2018

Water! Water! Lessons learned from a summer of drought - Summer 2018

Bound or Belonging Me Too and Modern Day Slavery - Spring 2018

Being Human Exploring the impact of new technologies - Summer 2017

Changing Times - concern or opportunity? Reflecting on 2106 as a year of the unexpected - January 2017

Engineering the truth The VW Emissions scandal - Autumn 2015

Having your cake and eating it The Ashers Bakery row - Summer 2015

'Je Suis...' Reflecting on the Paris attacks - January 2015

Aliens, Strangers or Neighbours? Looking afresh at migrant workers - Autumn 2014

If the recession is over - the questions should not stop - Summer 2014

Reaping what we have sown Further Crises in the banking sector - December 2013

The Boundaries of Conscience The place of Corporate Social Responsibility - Sept 2013

Thatchers Children Reflecting on the death of former Prime Minister - April 2013

Work Matters Exploring the place of work in the London 2012 Olympics

Work - for God's sake Might economic crisis help us re-discover the true purpose of work? - June 2012

Learning to live in a new world Does the Church need to learn how to forge new links with business? - Jan 2012

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